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HD Video Share Stares New With Its Latest Upgrade to Version 3.2.1

March 26th, 2013 No comments

With online videos becoming more popular and trendy these days, people are turning over to construct their own video sharing portals online. These video sharing websites or networks allow individuals to share their videos over the web to a specific circle or group, what the user wants. Read more…

Updating HD Video Share for Joomla 3.0

November 9th, 2012 No comments

Joomla 3.0 is released and it’s time to update all Joomla components to support this version. HD video share, Apptha’s most popular video sharing extension is upgraded to Joomla 3.0. It allows you to create video sharing sites like Youtube, Google video, PhotoBucket, Dailymotion and Vimeo. It is the high definition video quality and attractive features that makes the HD video share Joomla 3.0 so unique.

The Joomla video player comes with a plethora of features including easy utility of playing videos. You are also able to upload videos from your local disk or Youtube. Any user who is looking to have an effective video sharing site would find HD video share the apt one to look for. This Joomla video player module comprises of six free modules, using which you can create a perfect video sharing site. You can display videos by categorizing it as you need. Facilities like Embedding, Bookmarking, Streaming (lighttpd and RTMP), and Native Language Support are some of the incredible features included in HD VideoShare. In addition there are also a pretty more features in HD video share, which are mentioned below:

1. Supports Lighttpd, RTMP, Live telecast and Amazon S3 Streaming
2. Can add Youtube, Vimeo Videos
3. Support the ffmpeg path which converts as .flv format and generate thumb and preview image
4. Can play preroll, postroll, google adsense/adbrite, VAST ads in player
5. Button tool tip is available with native languages
6. Simple to share your video link with social networking
7. User rating for videos
8. HTML5 support to play videos in mobile devices
9. Facility to Customize scaling of videos for full screen as well as normal scale player
10. Embed video on other website easily by clicking on the share button

Having purchased the license of this extension, you can brand the product with your own logo. HD Video share 3.0 is proud to have pleased 1000+ customers so far and with its newly updated look is sure going to cross some great numbers.

Product Page URL: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-Video-Share
Demo URL: http://www.apptha.com/demo/hd-video-share

Apptha Enters SharePoint Application Development

April 30th, 2012 No comments

Apptha, the creator of over 90+ innovative products (inclusive of extensions, themes and mobile solutions) has now ventured into SharePoint application development. Apptha released two free web parts for SharePoint to contribute to the users of SharePoint.

Check out the two free Web Parts from Apptha:

Twitter Web Part:


Twitter Web part allows you to show the tweets of the Twitter profile which you choose to display. You will be able to control the web part settings such as its appearance, provide the user name (the twitter profile name that you want to display), include replies and re-tweets, control the count of tweets to appear, set the time interval for tweet update, i.e. if you set the time interval as 10 minutes, the twitter feeds are refreshed  every 10 minutes to display the recent tweets from the user.

Event Calendar Web Part:


Event Calendar web part helps you to maintain the list of events based on dates. The dates in the calendar for which an event is listed displays in different color. You can add any number of events on a particular date. The calendar web part shows distinct color for the weekends. You can even provide unique name, description and timing for the respective event date. Your event calendar automatically applies different color for the existing events, event dates, week-ends and next month dates for better visual appeal.

Both the aforementioned web parts are totally free and comes with the installation wizard to manage simple installation.

Expect more web parts from the SharePoint development team soon! Contact bd@contus.in if you have a need a unique SharePoint tool or SharePoint Application. We will analyze your requirements and contact you with the best timeline for delivery with competitive pricing.

Magento Facebook App – The Ultimate Merchant Leader Solution for Online Businesses

February 24th, 2012 No comments

Social media has transformed the way business is done. Every business embark upon popular social networking websites like Facebook to disseminate in the competitive world. Nowadays, a Facebook fan page has become a business etiquette. Businesses use this social medium to get immediate access to a large user base, and consider this as a platform to provide real time update about launches, product updates and business growth. Fan pages allows the store owners to interact with customers and develop a friendly relation so as to sustain the customers throughout. Nevertheless, fan pages for businesses are outdated. To show effective business growth, bring your entire storefront to Facebook.

The Magento Facebook App is a classic Magento extension beautifully crafted to feed the above need. The extension is listed in Magento connect http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/facebook-store-app.html and is ready for purchase from our website.

On installing the Magento Facebook App extension, the Magento store owners can make their store live on Facebook, allowing users to directly purchase from the Facebook store and complete shopping without having to log into the store. The brilliance of the extension is that any purchase made through the Facebook store will reflect on the users Facebook wall with details, thus promoting the product to the user’s network and successfully widening your user base- the most preferred social media promotion technique.

By bringing your entire store on Facebook, you give the Facebook geeks the facility to browse your store by staying in Facebook. The Magento Facebook App extensionenables product management on Facebook through the same admin panel of the web store. The extension delivers an elegant looking Facebook shop dressed up with attractive banner and customer friendly interface. Use the Facebook store app and convert the Facebook audience to active customers and utilize the biggest social platform for your business.

Apptha’s New Release- One Step Checkout Extension v1.4 with Major Upgrades!!

February 13th, 2012 No comments

Apptha’s latest release – New One Step Checkout extension (One Step Checkout V1.4 – Plus Package). Besides the existing features, we have upgraded the one step checkout extension with more valuable features that meets the needs of every Magento store owners. The new One Step Checkout plus package is out at a new price ($99) while the existing one step checkout extension is revamped with a new design and comes as a regular package priced $59. Check the link for more details http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Magento/OneStepCheckout .

The additive features of the new version are:

-      Display One Step Checkout below Cart – The store owners can enable the check out process in the shopping cart page itself. This allows the customers to complete the checkout process immediately after adding the products to their cart page.

-       Geo IP Feature –The Geo IP feature will fetch the country and city by default.

-      Default Payment Methods – Allows the store owners to set a default payment method in the back-end. The store owners can control which payment method the customer should follow by enabling the respective payment option.

-     Default Shipping Method – By enabling this feature, the shipping information will be automatically updated in the respective fields (Ajax way) when the customer selects the Country/Zip code/State/City without any page refresh.

-       Terms and Condition Tab – Show the Terms and Conditions link just above the Place order button in the checkout page, which on clicking opens a pop up with the Terms and Conditions.

-       Enable Comments – Allows customers to post comments about their shopping experience, which will be displayed under the admin sales order list. Admin has the facility to enable/disable the terms and conditions option and provide title and content for the terms and conditions.

All the unnecessary steps in the default checkout process of the Magento are well addressed in our one step checkout extension. By choosing the Plus package from us, the store owners can even decide which fields to exclude/include in the checkout process. Check the demo of the One Step Checkout Plus package and experience the new version.

The One Step Checkout which enables an easy checkout process for the customers without any page reloads and multiple steps is definitely a must-buy product. Remember, a complicated and annoying checkout process will not make your customers happy and dissatisfied customers never returns!! Hence make use of the best one step checkout extension and drive incredible traffic and sales.

Contus HD VideoShare Sophisticated with an Highly Admirable Feature

February 6th, 2012 No comments

We continue to develop updates to our extensions’ arsenal of features and this time we are announcing the update of our Joomla HD VideoShare extension. This most popular video sharing script is now updated with an advanced feature- My Channel. Please note, The My Channel tab is viewable only for the registered user, i.e. after login, the user can create their own channel to manage their video collection with a sophisticated video management system. The Channel Page appears as shown below.

‘My Channel’ allows users to create their own channel page, upload videos to their channel , sort videos in categories such as Popular Videos, Recent Videos, Top rated Videos and My Playlists. The user can edit the Channel details that show details about the Channel page such as channel views, channel name, total uploads, about me, etc. The user can add other user’s channel to their Favorite Channel list and view their channel videos. The My Playlists option in the Channel Page allows the users to create their own Playlist and add any number of videos to their Playlists.

A separate tab for Channel Settings is available adjacent to the My Channel tab, allowing the user to control the Channel Page settings such as set the player height, width, number of rows and columns to appear in the category list, enable/disable access to Private/Public, enable/disable any category, show/hide Facebook Comment option, choose video that should play in the channel page by default. The user can upload own logo to their Channel Page which will appear just above the Player.

Make use of the best video sharing script loaded with utile, effacious feature and create your own YouTube-like site and let your users enjoy the charisma of video sharing script!! http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-Video-Share

Smashing ‘Video Stream’ Theme Absolutely Free for ‘WordPress Video Gallery’ Plugin

February 2nd, 2012 No comments

Ever dreamt of setting up a video sharing website like the YouTube/ Metacafe? Want to know how to share your music or get an online presence for your band? It’s quite simple to live your dream. Download the hottest video sharing script for WordPress: WordPress Video Gallery from Apptha ,the Best WordPress Video Plugin which now comes with a dashing WordPress theme ‘Video Stream’ which is of great quality and design.


The WordPress Video Gallery is a video sharing WordPress extension which efficiently creates a video sharing site like the YouTube in record time. The video gallery plugin has an in-built HDFLV Player, which is unique for its video and audio quality, shows six different modules, supports video upload from YouTube, manage videos in categories, control n number of videos, flexible video settings and social share icons. The Video Stream theme accompanies the WordPress plugin Gallery to gear up the effect of a music sharing site. The WordPress music theme has professional niche theme design, perfectly carved for a music portal.

The WordPress Video Site along with the Video Stream works the out-of- the- box way, giving all sophisticated video blogger the best music destination. The Video theme gives a multitude of options to enhance the look and feel of the WordPress Video Site such as Show Video Categories in Top Menu, Video Search Option in header, widgets for popular, recent and featured videos, easy switch over to home page content, Facebook comments for videos etc.

Create a music site with the WordPress Video Gallery Plugin to pump in more music lovers!!

How does the Virtuemart mobile app works for Joomla Virtuemart?

January 10th, 2012 No comments

Purchasing via phone applications are becoming a phenomenal process in the mobile driven world. The mobile commerce has proven itself to be a successful business strategy. If you like to mobilize your Virtuemart store, embracing an instant Virtuemart mobile app is the best choice. Mob eCommerce, a ready to use mcommerce solution allows you to go about bringing your entire Joomla VitueMart store to the iPhone/Android. You will be able provide a branded native app of your storefront for the mobile shoppers. The Virtuemart mobileapp will help you accomplish your vision of providing a sophisticated mobile shopping experience for your mobile-web users.

The mobile ecommerce app can be smoothly integrated to the Joomla Virtuemart and deployed in App store and Android Market. This helps you to connect with the global audience of the mobile space by getting published with your store logo in the mobile market. The ecommerce app lets your customers experience a complete shopping experience in their mobiles even on the go. It gives a clear and elegant product display, allows to browse effectively, track purchase details, share with social media and checkout hassle free. The mobile ecommerce proves to be a best solution for ecommerce store owners to increase their sales

The Virtuemart mobile app enables you to stay connected with your consumers forever. It will enable the store owners to develop an individual rapport with the costumers, push deals personally and establish a trustable relationship, sustaining the customers for the long-run. Important factors which make every online store owners to consider Mob eCommerce are

-          Self account management capabilities,

-          Google Analytics Integration,

-          Multi language support ,i.e. It can be made compatible to any language that IOS and Android support,

-          Customization capabilities,

-          Manage app submission process in the iTunes and Android market

-          Supports all mobile compatible payment gateways

-          Offer post sales support from mobile expertise.

Remember, these are only a quick list about the Mobile Ecommerce app. Engrain into the full blown technology and get ahead of the curve!!

How to Boost Sales of Your Magento Store

December 31st, 2011 No comments

Magento platform is rapidly rising to the top and has evolved as an ecommerce leader in just three years since its release. The open source CMS developed using PHP5 Zend Framework fits best for setting up a web store to conduct commerce online. The online shopping cart developed using Magento CMS is flexible and has an incredible features list which enables to have an online store up and running in record time. The scalable architecture and multi-store strategy are significant features that makes the magento CMS the most sophisticated solution for the online shoppers.

Running a successful ecommerce business a big challenge

With thousands of vendors entering the online world the competition gets fierce. To stay ahead of the competitors, one should keep scratching for the ‘extra factor’ that can raise a ‘WOW’ expression which will eventually brand the business as a leader and make it stand out from the rest. The huge list of magento extensions, counting 4000+ is a great resource which when chosen suitably and installed enables to tune your business with maximum efficiency.

Veterans in the Analyst space emphasizes that online shoppers leave the shopping cart because of complicated multi step checkout process. The long filling forms asking for repeated information irritates the consumers, finally pursuing them to leave the cart and shop from the next store. To tackle the challenge, use a third party extension like the One Step CheckOut. This checkout extension enables a quick checkout process with all six steps reduced to single step, thus elating everyone’s online shopping experience.

The enormous audience of Facebook actuates the necessity of Facebook integration with the ecommerce store. Giving the target consumers the facility to shop completely from your Facebook store is a smart move. Innovative extension such as the Magento Facebook App will help you bring the entire magento store to Facebook, letting the Facebook Savvies to shop from your store through their Facebook login itself. This magento extension also provides wondrous promotion for your shop by showing the purchase information on the consumers’ wall, thus reaching the consumers network in no time and zero effort.

Making use of a powerful extension such as the Magento FB Referral which auto-generates the code for f Recommend Button to appear on the product page is a brilliant way of facebook promotion for your magento store. Providing an admirable discount for the recommended product, you felicitate the consumers as well as get displayed on your consumers’ Facebook wall with the purchase information and achieve viral marketing.

In summary, these are few significant products to looks out for. Embrace the best solutions and improve your offerings. These Magento extensions certainly help you boost your store’s sales and generate maximum revenue.

New Year Cheers from Contus Support!! Get 30% Discount on the Most Esteemed Groupon Clone Script

December 26th, 2011 No comments

To make the festive party season terrific, we’ve got a zesty discount offer this year end. We want to welcome this New Year by giving sincere thanks to all for your continuing support and so from now on get 30% discount on Contus support’s Groupon clone magento extension. Please Note the Offer is valid from 26 Dec to the 1st week of January 2012.

The GroupClone Script from Contus is the best clone script suitable for developing a group buying website enriched with exhaustively utile features. Our developers’ ceaseless efforts in doing enhancements in the script add more value to the product. The Groupon clone extension for magento is loaded with many exciting features such as the One Step Checkout process, Multi Store support, extension for Google chrome browser, option to have email subscription as default page, Shopping cart integration with SSL certificate, facebook login etc.

Also, Contus now offers 9 different classic themes out of which you can choose any one for your group buying site. Few exclusive features of the GroupClone script most appreciated by our huge client base to run business successfully are the following,

• Merchant login
• Show multiple side deals
• Add video for product display
• Image slide show for deals
• Integration of Google Maps and Google Analytics
• Subscribe/Unsubscribe to News letters
• Ability to add more customized pages
• Show Upcoming deals which gets activated on the specified date
• Spam Mail filer in the contact form
• Create new deals in advance
• Add any number of cities for different deals

We provide free post sales support for a period of 180 days. The Groupon Clone script is completely customizable as per user needs and also the Design can be customized. The Group buying Site can be optimized for the Smartphone users by getting a Mobile app for IOS and Android of your choice which is rated at very reasonable cost. The Group buying site can be also made viable to explore the social media by launching a Facebook app. Till date, the Groupon Clone extension has proved to be the most efficient clone script for group buying concept.

Get ready and avail this smacking offer from Contus  and make your New Celebration Unforgettable!!

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